Venice, the mainland and the epic history of the Ville Venete

It all began between 1300 and 1400: Venice became one of the three great capitals of Europe, a megalopolis of its day, and after having disdained the mainland for centuries,...
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Villa Tiepolo Passi's history dates back to the beginning of the 16th century, when the powerful Tiepolo family acquired land on the mainland and occupied the site of the Casteo...

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Stay in a Villa Veneta An authentic experience amid history and nature
A vacation in a historic Villa Veneta, surrounded by a wonderful old private park: an experience that immerses visitors in art and beauty. The rooms of the Foresteria guest lodgings are imbued with old-fashioned atmosphere, an elegant, simple, comfortable hospitality.
Guided Tours An extraordinary history made up of true stories
A visit that will inspire you with the beauty of these places and the history they hold: over four centuries of life in the midst of love and war, artists and travelers, saints and libertines.
Our itineraries From the Lagoon to the Dolomites, a marvelous journey
The Villa is an ideal base for wonderful excursions on the mainland of Venice, an area filled with fascinating, easy-to-reach destinations.