Customised itineraries for Foresteria guests

Our suggestions for touring the Venetian mainland

Our staff, experienced in scouting the region, will be glad to suggest customized itineraries between the Lagoons and the Dolomites, in the Trevisan “Marca Gioiosa”, an area full of history, art, architecture, landscape, excellent culinary traditions. Destinations are easy to be reached by car or by bike, by boat, on foot along immersive paths, either autonomously or accompanied by professional guides.
Once you have the map of the itinerary, you just have to go, dive in, explore!

Fantastic destinations, wonderful experiences

  • Villa Living: business and leisure in Venetian country houses
    Old-fashioned hospitality and warmth, silence, enchanting walks in the nature, the cultivated countryside and its excellent crops, the wonder of finding yourself in an ancient gentle world. You cannot miss little treats to enjoy slowly and quietly.
  • The “Marca Gioiosa et Amorosa”: the “joy of living” in Trevisan food & wine tradition
    A land of ancient legacies, excellent products and renowned recipes. An “ombra” is a small glass of white or red wine, “spritz”, the world-famous aperitif, is served with tasty appetizers (“goeoxessi”); and then, enjoy cheese from countryside dairies and alpine pastures, scenting fruit and vegetables, succulent meat, fish and shellfish from rivers, the lagoons and the Adriatic sea. For every season, every sense of taste, every budget.
  • Nature, water, landscape
    "In this land, you can find the whole world”, a 16th-century traveller once wrote. Sea and lagoons, lowlands and hills, alpine pastures and rock walls, sandbanks and islands, lakes and rivers, woods and glaciers, natural parks (some of them declared Unesco World Heritage Sites).
  • Painters and sculptors in villas, churches and castles
    During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, between the 14th and the 20th century, Veneto host some of the greatest artists and architectures. In the over 500 cycles of frescoes decorating Venetian Villas, discover gods and myths, nature, philosophy, ancient virtues and the ancestors’ deeds; and Neoclassicism in sculpted marble.

Upon availability:
- Different modes of transport
- Outdoor activities, sports, excursions
- Professional guides and attendants

Once you book your stay at Foresteria di Villa Tiepolo Passi, fill in the form to inform us about your preferences.
For your arrival, we will create a customized itinerary based on your choices.
We will check availability and characteristics of the experiences, giving to you contacts for final confirmation and booking.